Is Babar Azam the better ODI batsman than Virat Kohli

The Incredible rise of Babar Azam with an average of greater than 50 and his intent as well as composure to play long innings as an ODI batsman has started speculations that he is the best ODI batsman of the current generation with a direct comparison to the Indian captain Virat Kohli, who has been the top scorer in ODI’s for the past decade.

It would be early to grade him as a better batsman than Kohli as he has been performing for a long time with an experience of over 250 ODI matches as compared to Babar Azam’s experience of only 80 ODI matches. It would be great to see if Babar Azam continues to score heavily in upcoming years to classify him as a better batsman than Kohli, but for now, king Kohli can be classified as the best ODI batsman of this era.


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